Our unique location in a tri-border region, our international student body, and our active commitment to staff development make the htw saar an exciting place to work. We actively support the development of our staff, as individuals and teams, in the achievement of their personal aspirations in line with the overall strategy of our university.

Our mission is to continuously develop and improve the working environment for our staff. That is why we offer a comprehensive personal and professional development program that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow personally.


The htw saar takes pride in its location in a richly multicultural border region of Germany, France and Luxembourg. We have developed an international strategy setting out specific measures for developing the intercultural competence of our staff. We provide targeted training and overseas experiences to further the professional development of our staff and the overall value they bring to the classroom.

Equality and Diversity

We have a number of policies in place promoting equality and diversity. You can find out more by visiting our Equality and Diversity (German language only) webpage .

Work-Life Balance

We also offer flexible working opportunities. Our benefits package includes staff excursions, public transit discounts, discounted sports center membership and an attractive on-campus sports program (German language only).


Matthias Mallmann Humen Ressources; Learning and Development


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