Discover the benefits of working with htw saar

We offer our employees a wide range of services that are supportive of their work-life balance, family lives, health, and continuing education. We will be happy to inform you about your opportunities to participate. These opportunities include:

  • our free university sports program
  • discounts at various gyms
  • our comprehensive internal training programme
  • possibilities for participation in educational leave
  • the promotion of international skills through language courses and the opportunity to visit our partner universities for all types of employees (ERASMUS+ STT programme)
  • software licenses that you can also use at home
  • discounts for driving safety training at ADAC
  • an affiliated day-care centre for children of our staff
  • numerous activities and  opportunities that are both family-friendly and promote the concept of diversity
  • flexible working time models
  • the university pension scheme


Matthias Mallmann Humen Ressources; Learning and Development


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htw saar
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Ministerium der Finanzen und für Wissenschaft des Saarlandes

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