htw saar comprises the university management board, the four faculties (or ‘schools’ as they are known at the htw saar) and the central administrative department.

The President is the principal executive officer and chair of the governing body at htw saar and also represents htw saar in the wider community. The President is assisted by three Vice Presidents, each of whom manages a particular area of university activity and represents htw saar externally (Vice President for Academic and International Affairs and Knowledge Transfer). The President and the three Vice Presidents form the President's Office are assisted by their support staff and various functional units at htw saar.

htw saar is divided into four academic schools, each headed by a Dean. Each school pools together a number of related academic disciplines and subject areas and is responsible for the teaching and research activities in its particular fields.

The central administrative department provides support services to the various governing bodies and to the administrative units within the four schools. The central administrative department is split into five sections: human resources, facility management and building services, finance and accounting, student services and legal.


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft
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Ministerium der Finanzen und für Wissenschaft des Saarlandes

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