Rooted in the region while also looking beyond the borders of Saarland, the School of Engineering at htw saar prepares its graduates to work in today’s international markets. It does this not just by strengthening its student’s foreign language skills, but also by offering fully integrated binational Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in engineering, which are run jointly with the Université de Lorraine in Nancy and are supported by the Franco-German Institute of Higher Education (DFHI / ISFATES). The School of Engineering is also working to develop a coordinated programme of study-abroad semesters at partner universities, particularly those in English-speaking environments (both within Europe and further afield) or at universities offering English-speaking courses of study.

In addition to the extensive opportunities for international study, the School of Engineering at htw saar offers a range of cross-border activities and projects that are as beneficial to the cooperating partners and partner universities as they are to the students.

The cooperative agreements that the School of Engineering has established with partner universities include collaborative activities that involve the entire school and those that are focused on individual degree programmes. As a result, students at htw saar’s School of Engineering have the opportunity to experience international study either for several years (in the form of a full double-degree programme) or for a shorter time (by completing a unique study-abroad period).

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