With its further training program for Chinese university staff, the CDI@htwsaar meets the Chinese need for qualification in the area of the German model of „Fachhochschule“ (university of applied sciences). This need arises from the governmental intention to transform several hundred existing universities according to the German model. The CDI portfolio therefore offers courses concerning various aspects of university leadership and governance for the managerial staff of universities. For the teaching staff, the offered courses comprise topics like integration of theory and practice in education, curricula design, modularization of study programs as well as evaluation of teaching. 

It is no coincidence that this kind of further training is offered at htw saar of all places. Our school looks back on over 25 years of application-oriented research and has once done pioneering work in this context with considerable national success. On the basis of this experience, we are striving to make a small contribution to the educational restructuring process currently taking place in China.

Based on our research, we also offer technical further training in the field of intelligent production. As a unique feature, we draw on the Testfield Digitalization in Production to enhance the offered further training in this realm by rendering it even more practice-oriented and allowing a hands-on experience. Possible training contents are: 

  • Transport systems / mobile robots 
  • Communication systems
  • Sensor technology
  • Process optimization

We would be happy to compile a training program for you tailored to your specific needs, just


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