The core of industry 4.0-related research at CDI@htwsaar is formed by the Testfield Digitalization in Production. In different interdisciplinary research groups, research on various topics related to intelligent production is being conducted here. 

The platform consists of a flexible number of production units, processing units and assembly units, which are connected with different fix and mobile transport systems in an open network structure. Apart from the integration of various research projects addressing both hard- and software issues, the testfield is also used for further training and education programs especially for (Chinese) universities and companies.

The globalization of production processes is taken into account by establishing a „twin lab structure“, which will connect lab sites in China and Saarbruecken in realtime.

The central theme of the work of CDI@htwsaar is application orientation. For our research, this means specifically:

  • In-depth experimental examination of new technologies and evaluation of implementation in industrial research projects
  • Experimental development
  • Contract research for affiliate companies
  • Integration of research work and results into teaching


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