Since September 2013, a special student project has been implemented in the degree programme Health Care Management under the leadership of Prof. Dr Martha Meyer.

A group of students undergoes a humanitarian, medical and nursing training programme in a twelve-week project internship in Myanmar/Birma, a developing nation with neither a viable structure for providing healthcare nor a state vocational training system. The student project was organised and prepared in Myanmar in conjunction with the Förderverein Myanmar (FVM, Myanmar Promotional Association) in Saarbrücken, which has also established contact with the department U Nayaka in the Phaung Daw OO Monastic School (PDO) in Mandalay.

The monastery clinic is not only responsible for providing healthcare to over 1000 people in the monastery (novices, monks, students, refugees and orphans in three orphanages). It is also the first place to go for medical care for the approx. 20,000 inhabitants of the district in which the monastery is located, since treatment is free.

The "Nurse's Aide Training Program" lasts a total of 200 hours, and its contents are tailored to the medical needs of a tropical developing nation. During the implementation phase, the students will work in the clinic with the twelve nurses, whom they will also train academically.

Since September 2013, numerous students have taken part in this project, and in March 2015 Prof. Dr. Meyer received the state prize for academic teaching for her commitment.

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