From 8-12 July 2013, the School of Social Sciences – Department of Social Work and Early Childhood – held the first "Summer School from Three Countries: Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland". With the topic "Life transitions", proposed and conceived by Prof. Dr Dieter Filsinger, Prof. Dr Klaus Kraimer, Lena Altmeyer, M.A., and Sarah Räsch, lectures and case workshops took place in which the specific characteristics of different countries were studied.

Students from all three countries and various courses of study – social work, childhood education and child-rearing science – participated in this programme.

Overall, the Three-Country Summer School resonated positively with students and faculty alike, so that another Summer School took place in 2015 – this time at the partner university in Bern (Switzerland) with the topic "Social movements and social work from the 80s until today".

33 students of htw saar traveled with the dean, Prof. Dr Dieter Filsinger, the representative for foreign affairs, Prof. Dr Klaus Kraimer, as well as Prof. Dr Ulrike Zöller and Ms. Lena Altmeyer (M.A.), to Bern, in order to hear professional papers and interesting lectures on the development of social work as a profession and a discipline.

A follow-up event is being planned for 2017, once again in Saarbrücken. The cooperation between these universities has already resulted in a publication dealing with research workshops, and a faculty exchange is also taking place. Practical contacts have been made.

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