Internationalization of teaching and research is a key strategic goal at the htw saar Business School.

For more than 25 years, the Business School at htw saar has maintained cooperative ties with foreign universities, principally to support student exchange programmes. But international cooperation at htw saar has also been strengthened through the lecture courses given by foreign guest lecturers and those given by htw saar academics at partner universities. These international relations receive financial support from various institutions, including the EU Commission (Erasmus+ programme), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German-French Youth Organization (DFJW/OFAJ).

Other examples of international cooperative initiatives include the seminars that have been held for many years with the Inseec Business School Chambéry. Since 2003, htw saar has been involved in the Summer European Academy (SEA) – a collaborative project supported by the ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG at which equal numbers of American and German students study together for a period of ten days at the European Academy in Otzenhausen (EAO). The counterpart to the SEA is the 14-day American Spring Academy (ASA) that is held in the USA. ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG provides substantial financial support to the SEA and ASA academies and assists in administering programme content. Academic staff at the htw saar Business School also regularly offer specialist joint seminars with partner universities abroad.

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