Project goals

  • Students have the opportunity to gain international experience while studying from home (Internationalization at home).
  • To achieve this, lecturers from the htw saar Business School work together with lecturers from our international partner universities to develop virtual courses for students of both universities ("Virtual Mobility", “Joint Modules”).
  • The lecturers design and test digital teaching and learning methods.
  • The lecturers develop recommendations for didactics and methodologies for international online teaching as well as their organizational implementation in the network.

Gaining international experience during one’s studies is key to meeting the demands of the globalized working world. But how can this opportunity for students be guaranteed in the future, given the current travel restrictions or other obstacles of a financial, time or health-related nature? The two-year research project "Virtual Joint Modules" addresses this issue.

Six lecturers from the Business School are developing virtual courses that will allow htw saar students to work together with students from international partner universities. Various digital teaching and learning methods are being designed and tested, in order to make internationality a tangible experience at home.

The participating lecturers see digitalization as an opportunity to enable students to participate in internationalization programs regardless of financial, time, or health constraints and to offer them a variety of learning opportunities at their universities.

At the end of the project, recommendations for action will be available to all interested lecturers showing which methodological approaches have a positive impact on the learning experience and students’ international profiles. As a part of the project, a so-called wiki is beingcreated which documents each project step. It will be published in the near future here on the website.

The ViJoMo teaching project has already received an award as part of the "Excellent Teaching" competition on Teaching Day 2021 at htw saar.
Participating lecturers: Prof. Dr. Malte Beinhauer, Prof. Dr. Petra Garnjost, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Heuwinkel, Prof. Dr. Christian Köhler, Prof. Dr. Frank Rückert, Anne Steinhaus


During the project tool tutorials were produced. Teachers may use digital methods to activate their students during (online) classes. These tutorials show examples of quiz, feedback, whiteboard, pinboard, and videoconferencing tools. Check out our newest tutorials on:

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