For us here at the htw saar, internationality is a way of life. We understand the value of exchange. We know that it is much more than a simple of exchange of people – it is an exchange of ideas. A broadening of horizons, both academic and personal. We believe in promoting the idea of a global student identity, because in doing so we can contribute to shaping a more democratic, fair and equal world, while helping students and employees develop their cultural fluency skills in preparation for a more globalized future. 

International students welcome 

In addition to the 6,000 students enrolled at the htw saar, we are home to over 900 international students from 76 countries. This is a significantly higher percentage (16%) of international students than the German national average. One BIG reason why the htw saar is so interesting for international students? Well, thanks to its location in the heart of EuropeSaarbrücken itself is a very international city. Our neighbors, Luxembourg and France, are just a hop, skip and a jump away and always worth a visit…or two…or three. So, studying in Saarbrücken gives you the chance to experience not just one, but 3 exciting European countries! When it comes to internationality, what more could you possibly ask for! 

Pole position for international cooperation and partnership 

Our prime location, close to both France and Luxembourg, is one of the main factors that defines our international profile. Our cooperation with the Université de Lorraine in Metz makes us one of the largest providers of joint German-French degree programs. Our Franco-German Institute for Technology and Business (DFHI/ISFATESoffers a wide range of cross-border, fully integrated German-French degree programs in the fields of engineering and business and economics. 

In 2011, we signed the first cooperative agreement with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) – one of France’s grandes écoles – and with it, established a center of competence for cross-border professional development in Forbacha city close to the French-German border. 

Thanks to the strength of our research activities we were inducted into the respected European University Association (EUA)the largest and most comprehensive organization representing universities in Europe. In 2015, we acquired third-party funding totaling €9.4 million and in 2012, we were successfully audited as part of the Higher Education Internationalization initiative run by the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK) – a leading association of universities and other higher education institutions in Germany. 

International networking 

The htw saar is proud to be part of the network of the University of the Greater Region (UniGR), an innovative association of 7 universities. The UniGR network currently comprises more than 135,000 students, around 7,000 doctoral students and over 10,000 teachers and researchers. Nowhere else in Europe can students take advantage of the offerings of seven universities in four different countries. Teaching takes place in German, French and English.  

However, our international strategy extends far beyond France and Luxembourg. We cultivate more than 60 international partnerships within Europe (e.g., France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands), as well as in countries outside of Europe such as Mexico, USA, Myanmar and China. We are, for example, one of the partner universities involved in the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Sciences (CDHAW) at Tongji University in China. 

With 21 integrated degree programs, the CDHAW offers students at the htw saar the opportunity to acquire a binational double-degree qualification and experience in studying abroad. 


Internationality at a glance:   

  • International students: 923 
  • Students studying abroad: 6.4% 
  • Professors lecturing abroad: 21.2% 
  • International partner universities: 63 
  • ERASMUS programs: 43 


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