In 2009, the  School of Architecture (Schule für Architektur Saar – SAS ) and the Department of Civil Engineering were merged to form the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering with the aim of creating a single institution that would integrate the planning and construction of buildings of regional relevance.

The Saarland School of Architecture (SAS) focuses on:

  • Issues arising from current demographic changes and the resulting structural transformations of urban and rural spaces.
  • Teaching and research work address areas such as building refurbishment and upgrading,
  • The rejuvenation and re-use of brownfield sites
  • Regional building culture.

Related areas include climate protection and energy efficiency. This approach is also reflected in the teaching and research work carried out in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering (B.Sc./M.Sc.) where core topics include:

  • Structural planning with a variety of materials
  • Sustainable approaches to shaping the environment &
    local infrastructure (water, waste & transport)
  • Energy use & future mobility
  • Cost-effective & sustainable construction

We are particularly proud to offer the trinational Master’s programEuropean Construction Management’(Europäisches Baumangement / Génie civil et management enEuruope) which is run in conjunction with Université de Lorraine and Université du Luxembourg. Research in the field of industrial culture is interdisciplinary and interinstitutional in nature, involving collaborative projects between researchers working in architecture, civil engineering, materials technology, art history, sociology and tourism management.

Much of this work is focused on the industrial and social legacy of the coalmining and steel-producing industries that have been so important to the SaarLorLux region, particularly the UNESCO World Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte, Carreau Wendel in France and Belval in Luxembourg. Research collaborations with other international sites are also ongoing.

Our in-house research institutes organize international colloquia in which the students take an active role. We closely link teaching and research e.g. with student workshops for Master’s students and international student seminars that are run jointly with the following institutions:

  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (ENSA) in Nancy (France)
  • Brno University of Technology (BUT) in Brno (Czech Republic)
  • Università degli Studi in Florence (Italy)
  • and other international partners

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