Our school comprises two departments: Social Work and Childhood Education as well as Healthcare and Nursing.

Department of Social Work and Childhood Education

Since 2006, we have been offering revised and expanded versions of the courses in social work and childhood education that were previously taught at the respected Catholic University for Social Work (KHSAHochschule für Soziale Arbeit). We run 2 Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Social Work & Childhood Education (full-time) and
  • Childhood Education (cooperative study programme)

Department of Healthcare and Nursing

This department was established in 2004 and also offers 2 Bachelor’s degree programs.

  • Management and Expertise in Health Care Services
    (open to candidates who have already completed vocational training in the care sector) and
  • Healthcare and Nursing (B.Sc)
    whose structure and content are unique in Germany.

Since 2004, we have been offering the M.Eval. program ‘Master of Evaluation’ which we run jointly with the Saarland University. In 2011, we established with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) – a French higher education institution based in Paris and globally active in the field of personal development and lifelong learning –  a competence centre for cross-border professional development.

We also offer a number of certified courses providing advanced academic training for those already working as professionals in the field. The study programmes are both scientifically challenging and practically relevant and are based on the broad range of research activities at our school, much of which is financed by external third-party funding. 

Our key areas of applied research include:

  • Healthcare
  • Nursing care and geriatric care
  • Special needs socio-educational research;
  • Migration
  • Integration and interculturality;
  • Regional and community research including the development of urban living spaces and urban accommodation

Many of these projects are organized and supervised by the:

  • Research & Liaison Office
    for Social Integration and Migration (GIM),
  • Institute of Childhood Education (IPK),
  • Research Group for Education, Evaluation and
    Social Studies (ForBES) and
  • Institute for Health Research and Technology (igft), which is run jointly with the School of Engineering

We also cooperate closely with the Saarland University within the Saarland Competence Centre for the Social Sciences (SK SoWi).

Exchange coordinator in the department of Social Work and Early Childhood

Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Kraimer Sozialwissenschaften



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