Here at our School of Social Sciences, we train the next generation of professionals in education, health, nursing care and social services, especially in the Saarland. Our programs are science-based, interdisciplinary and at the same time practice-oriented. 

In 2006, the htw saar took over the "Social Work" degree program that had been previously offered by the renowned Catholic University of Applied Sciences for Social Work (KHSA) in Saarbrücken. We launched the advanced and expanded degree program "Social Work and Early Childhood", as well as the "Childhood Education" bachelor's degree program, which is aimed in particular at educators, together with the study area "Nursing", in 2004. These degree programs constitute the Faculty of Social Sciences. In addition to our bachelor's degree program in “Management and Expertise in Nursing and Healthcare” that builds on vocational training in a nursing profession, we offer a unique model degree program in nursing care since 2012. It provides a primary degree qualification (in conjunction with an apprenticeship). We also offer our extra-occupational Master of Evaluation program in conjunction with the Saarland University since 2004. 

In addition, we have a variety of certificate programs in the field of continuing academic education, such as crèche pedagogy, and are members of various networks, such as the one for applied nursing science. 

Our science-based and practice-oriented degree programs are founded on extensive research, which is possible thanks to a very high level of third-party funding. Social science research at the htw saar focuses, in particular, on applied health, nursing and care research (such as on old age and dementia), social-pedagogical education research, professionalization, childhood pedagogy, migration, integration and interculturality, regional research, as well as urban, (sub)urban and neighborhood development, life course and biographical research, structural change in health care and management. Our faculty is a leader in the inter-faculty research field of "Life Course Transitions”. Many of these projects are organized in the Research and Transfer Center for Social Integration and Migration (GIM), the Institute Pedagogy of Childhood (IPK), the Research Group on Education, Evaluation and Social Studies (ForBES), and the Institute for Health Research and Technology (igft).

Exchange coordinator in the department of Social Work and Early Childhood

Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Kraimer Sozialwissenschaften



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