Welcome to the htw saar!

Welcome to htw saar, the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken, Germany where more than 6,000 students are enrolled in 4 schools - the Business School, the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the School of Engineering, the School of Social Sciences. In addition, htw saar is home to the Franco-German Institute for Technology and Business (ISFATES-DFHI).

Studying at htw saar

If you’re looking for a practice-oriented study program that combines hands-on skills with a strong theoretical base, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud of our open and student-friendly learning environment. htw saar currently offers more than 50 full-time accredited degree programs, as well as a growing number of part-time postgraduate professional education programs. 

At htw saar you are more than just a student or staff member

We are all part of a greater whole and that is why we foster the development of social skills and responsibility among our students, faculty and staff, through a wide variety of measures and projects in the areas of corporate social responsibility, service learning, fair trade, student mentoring, and many more. 

Cutting edge research

As a university of applied sciences, we believe that research is highly importance. htw saar is one of the leading application-oriented universities in Germany when it comes to conducting research. As a matter of fact, about 15% of our overall budget comes from application-oriented research projects with companies and public sponsors of htw saar. 

At the top of the game: university-industry collaboration

With over 25 years of experience, our Institute for Technology Transfer, FITT GmbH, has proven that it is a reliable partner for companies of all sizes and from all sectors. As an interface between industry and academia, it brings qualified technicians and scientists together with members of the htw saar, combining their skills and knowledge to find perfect solutions for companies. 

We’re high achievers

In February of 2021, StudyCheck selected Germany's most popular universities based on student surveys and the htw saar was ranked among the top 10! In addition, students in Germany were asked about their experience with "digital studies" during the Corona crisis and once again, the htw saar achieved exceptionally high scores and was awarded the "Digital Readiness Award". 


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft
des Saarlandes
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Ministerium der Finanzen und für Wissenschaft des Saarlandes

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