Since the summer term 2009, we have established our own choir. The project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Enrico Lieblang, our ex Vice President for Studies. Students, professors and staff of htw saar are warmly invited to join the mixed choir which performs pop, jazz and gospel music.


With our theatre group we want to give students, professors and staff of htw saar the chance to rehearse classic or modern plays using improvisation, role playing, role work and scene work, and to present the play on site at the end of the term.

Off campus

Is it too exhausting for you to take part yourself? We give our students the chance to experience culture also as a member of the audience – for free. This offer is valid for events of the

  • Saarland State Theatre,
  • German Radio Philharmonic (Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, DRP)
  • Saarbrücker Chamber Concerts, Reg. (SKK).

In addition, the city of Saarbrücken offers various museums featuring exhibitions from different time periods or regions.

The homepage of the city offers an overview of all the museums and galleries in the region.


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