Diversity management is a comprehensive task and applies to all areas of the university (studies, teaching, service, administration, continuing education, and research) and its services.

The htw saar sees diversity as an opportunity and enrichment and values the differences and similarities of its community. We not only focus on the core dimensions of diversity (ethnicity, gender, disability, age, religion/belief, sexual identity, class, milieu) but also on the interconnection of these dimensions (an intersectional approach).

Our goal is a university that is attractive because of its heterogeneous members, that sees its diversity as an opportunity and thus lives up to its social mission and social responsibility. We live and breathe diversity and believe it increases quality of our work. Each and every student and employee brings their experience, knowledge and skills to the table and can thus acquire/improve their professional, methodological and social skills and utilize them professionally. This happens in an atmosphere characterized by mutual respect, motivation and a sense of achievement.

At the htw saar, the promotion of diversity and our approach to anti-discrimination go hand-in-hand.


Dipl.-Soz. Isabelle Giro Complaint and Ideas Management, Representative for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses, Diversity Management


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