Looking for short-term and/or last-minute childcare? One of our goals at the Family Office is to support parents looking for additional childcare with our Babysitter Exchange. The Babysitter Exchange gives parents the opportunity to find reliable and competent care for their children. The htw saar Family Office provides a pool of babysitters and helps establish contacts.

This is how it works:

The htw saar Family Office provides and manages the Babysitter Exchange. We handle all the contacts. The “details” are then agreed upon between the parents and the babysitter. The Family Office only manages the data and establishes the contact.

Our goal is to provide you with a bit of relief during your study and working hours and provide reliable and competent care for your child or children. Be it as a means of bridging childcare bottlenecks, for short-term childcare needs, during exam periods or for childcare during unscheduled appointments...


You can register with us by submitting the registration form below (currently only in German). We will compare your requirements with the profiles of babysitters* and provide you with appropriate contact details.

You negotiate the contractual and financial conditions with the babysitter you select. Please read the additional information and the checklist that you can download below.

Available for download:

Information for parents (German)

Parent registration (German)

Checklist for the babysitting exchange (German)


Sandra Wiegand, M.A. gender equality office / family service


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