As of 01.01.2018, the new German Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutgesetz or MuSchG) also applies to female students. The university is obligated to provide expectant or nursing mothers with a safe and healthy university education - regardless of whether an employment relationship exists. To ensure this, it is in the student's own interest to notify the university of her pregnancy.

Notifying the university about your pregnancy
Like employees, students are required to report their pregnancy to the university. To do so, please contact the Examinations Office. During the legal protection periods (6 weeks before childbirth / 8 weeks after childbirth), students are automatically on leave of absence.

For more information on how to notify the university about your pregnancy, click here.

Special flexibility for female students with regard to maternity protection periods
An exception to the legally prescribed protection periods is possible if a student explicitly requests it (written declaration). This waiver can be revoked at any time. This means that students can take their exams during the protection periods, if desired.

Protective measures in the event of hazards (occupational health protection)
It is important to consider whether an expectant or nursing student will be exposed to hazardous conditions during her studies that may harm her or the unborn child or endanger the pregnancy. Hazardous conditions may include, for example, handling chemical, biological, infectious or radioactive materials, or special activities such as heavy lifting or carrying.

Entitlement to compensation for disadvantages, as well as breaks and recreational opportunities
Students are entitled to indemnification as compensation for disadvantages caused by exclusion from study requirements due to potential risks or maternity leave periods. In addition, rest breaks and facilities for recuperation (time, space, equipment) must be available.

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