Student co-determination

Do you want to have a say in the way your university develops? If so, there are many opportunities for you to contribute and implement your own ideas.

AStA (in English)
Speak up for student interests at htw saar.

Faculty student councils (in English)
Advocate for your field of study.

Student Parliament (StuPa) (in English)
Get that “Bundestag feeling” at htw saar.

Senate (in German)
Participate in key decisions.

Faculty executive committee (in German)
Take part in guiding your faculty's future.

Appointment committee (in German)
Help decide who lectures in the future.

Advisory Board for Women's Issues (in German)
Female students work to promote equality.

“social(and)competent” bonus booklet (in English)
The bonus booklet recognizes your social commitment at htw saar and offers you compensation for your voluntary work.


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