Upcoming academic year 2023/2024:

Winter semester 2023/2024 

Semester information:
Start of the winter semester: October 1, 2023
Start of the courses: October 23, 2023
End of the courses: February 9, 2024
End of the winter semester: March 31, 2024
Lecture-free period (turn of the year) Mon, 25.12.2023 - Mon, 01.01.2024


Summer semester 2024 

Semester information:
Start of the summer semester: April 1, 2024
Start of the courses: April 15, 2024
End of the courses: July 26, 2024
End of the summer semester: September 30, 2024


Institutional fact sheet 2023/24 with academic calendar, deadlines, useful links, etc.:

Fact Sheet htw saar 2023/24

Departmental international coordinators / People responsible for the approval & signature of learning agreements/OLA:
International coordinators for exchange programs (incoming students)


Module selection 2023/24
Module catalog htw saar
German language courses (Bachelor level): Module descriptions
German language courses (Master level): Module descriptions


Modules taught in English 2023/24:
Business School: See the business and engineering courses listed here www.htwsaar.de/wiwi/study-in-english. Please note that information about the modules taught in English will be available during the course of March 2023. For an initial overview, please refer to the information about this current academic year. Erasmus+ double-degree students of Industrial Engineering (This program is located at the Business School), may select their modules from this course list.

School of Engineering: Please refer to the module catalog for modules marked with a globe symbol. The language of instruction will be is indicated as “English”.

The Department of Computer Science has a separate list:
Computer Science (undergraduate): Modules in English 2022/23
. Please refer to this list due to the fact that the information for 2023/24 is currently being updated and will be published sometime in March.



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