You have a right to study without discrimination and on an equal opportunity basis. However, students with disabilities, chronic illnesses or family responsibilities, such as pregnancy or maternity leave, often encounter obstacles due, for example, to existing architectural or technical infrastructures or time-related or formal requirements. So-called “reasonable accommodations” serve to compensate for individual and situation-specific impairments. Students with health impairments are often dependent on reasonable accommodations when organizing and carrying out their studies, as well as for examinations and certificates of achievement. The information sheet on reasonable accommodations provides information and advice about basic legal principles, application requirements and the application procedure.

In order to receive reasonable accommodations due to a disadvantage, students must submit an application to the respective examination board. We recommend using the "Antrag Nachteilsausgleich (Reasonable Accommodations Application)” (German language) for this purpose. Please submit the application as early as possible so that it can be processed in due time and a solution can be found in the event of any uncertainties.

However, not all effects of an impairment can be compensated by disadvantage compensation. Generally, students must be capable of acquiring the competencies required by the respective examination regulations and must be able to demonstrate these competencies in their exams. Sometimes it may even be necessary for a student to withdraw from an exam or interrupt his or her studies. Further information on withdrawing from an exam according to §23 of the General Study and Examination Regulations (ASPO) can be found here.

Reasonable Accommodations Form (in German)
Information on reasonable accommodations (in German)

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